Alien Abduction

COLOSSAL Productions

Sat 6 Mar, Sun 7 Mar




Hikitia (crane) Great Harbour Way/ Commonwealth Walkway

2 Taranaki Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, sensory, non-verbal, casual

Alien Abduction is a captivating performance installation set to take place with a backdrop of the Wellington Harbour and the night sky. A body, a form, a human, pulled from earth & up into the unknown. An enthralling journey of surrender.

Set in the 1940’s, around the time of the first documented UFO sightings and abduction reports. This piece was originally created for HighLight Festival in 2019, it is a 15 minute performance which will repeat perpetually throughout the evening.

In studio, the physical elements were crafted in collaboration with an aerialist and dancer to combine the expressions. Devising the physicality, intention and gravity illusion.

COLOSSAL Productions is an award winning creative production company, specialising in Circus, Performance and Design. With deep roots in Aotearoa, developed by kiwi artists, Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie and Degge Jarvie. Passionate about inspiring new audiences and creating opportunities for artistic collaboration. Established in 2015 they have built a broad repertoire, elevating circus through genre cross pollination, comedy, design and technology. Experienced in creating bespoke live performance, COLOSSAL work on projects locally, nationally and internationally.

HighLight Festival for giving COLOSSAL the original platform to debut this work .