Citizens Assembly by Binge Culture Collective

Academic Symposium: Citizens Assembly with Binge Culture Collective

Sat 13 Feb




Frank Kitts Park Amphitheatre

Waterfront, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, join in, casual

Calling all residents of Poneke! Your city needs YOU for the inaugural Citizens Assembly. A demonstration of participatory decision making. An experiment in a return to direct democracy. Have your voice heard on one of the most urgent issues the city is facing: the housing crisis.

The Citizens Assembly is a theatrical provocation, a demonstration of what direct democracy could look like, and an opportunity for everyday citizens to participate in debate and decision-making processes that acknowledge Te Tiriti and Te Ao Māori in their conception.

This participatory event is an exploration of the potential of Citizens Assemblies in solving seemingly impossible political issues. We will look at how this democratic model of public debate has been applied overseas and consider where such a process might sit in the context of Aotearoa’s existing political institutions and tikanga Māori. We’ll conduct a short practical experiment using the present-day housing crisis as a case study, using theatrical and musical elements to liven and enhance the political process.

All welcome. Join us on Saturday, February 13th, 10am in Frank Kitts Park Amphitheatre. Registration is encouraged.


Curated by Melody Nixon in association with Victoria University's School of Languages and Cultures