Reddy Nelken

House of Sand

Fri 12 Feb, Fri 19 Feb



Various locations, see below

Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, casual, non-verbal

Reddy Nelken is an homage to two powerful women artists; Helen Reddy and Pina Bausch.

Based on the choreographic structure of ‘The Neklen Line’ by Pina Bausch, a trail of dancers and volunteers weave their way through the Wellington streets to the rousing anthem ‘I am Woman’ by the late Hellen Reddy.
We walk together in solidarity as a symbol and respect and gratitude for the woman artists who have come before us. They have paved the way for freedom of expression and femininity in all its forms. We walk proudly in their path.

Reddy Nelken is a uniquely ‘House of Sand’ take on the works and Reddy and Bausch, infused with heightened emotion, absurdity and humor. Audiences and passers by are welcome to join the train and dance alongside us.


12 Feb
Civic square, over the city to sea bridge, along the waterfront to The Performance Arcade site

19 Feb
Starting Freyberg Swimming Pool, along the waterfront to The Performance Arcade site

House of Sand is an independent contemporary performance company that seeks to bring global issues into the personal and local sphere through a deep exploration of the embodied human experience. The company was co-founded by siblings Eliza and Charley Sanders whose methodologies bring the idea of global/local citizenship into the body, the muscles and the guts. The company has strong networks in both Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia, working to create opportunities for intercultural exchange for both audiences and practitioners. Since forming in 2015 House of Sand has: provided work for over 75 artists; won multiple awards; generated $250K+ in economic value for artists and arts supply industries; performed for over 4,000 audience members; and collaborated with artists from New Zealand, Australia, US, England, Laos, Singapore, Canada, Turkey and Italy in the creation of 10 new performance works.

Eliza Sanders is a choreographer, dancer, teacher, actor and graduate of The New Zealand School of Dance. She is the co-artistic director of House of Sand, a dance theatre company which has presented 12 shows in 6 cities around Australia and New Zealand since launching in 2014. Eliza has created work on The New Zealand School of Dance and has choreographed three times for QL2 and twice for Footnote Dance Company - the second time in collaboration with James O’Hara. Eliza has performed with Body Cartography, The Australian Dance Party, The World of Wearable Art, Battleground Productions, Little Dove Theatre Art, The Sound and Fury Ensemble and Java Dance Theatre.
Eliza is a certified Countertechnique and vinyasa yoga teacher and a key artist on the Make a Move program for  National Curriculum to improve dance education in schools.