Sealion Serenades


Daily (Fri 5 Feb - Sun 28 Feb)

Various, see below


Sea lion Community BOAT

Queens Wharf, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, casual

Sealion is a gatekeeper vessel at the end of Queen’s Wharf, a cherished den of local musicians and creatives, a sanctuary of genuine human connection in the midst of the bustling business district. In celebration of the Performance Arcade and CityTheatre 2021, the Sealion’s usual crew of graffiti art gulls will pass the rigging over to flesh and scale, blood and tail seaborne performers. Hauling themselves right from the deep and up onto the top deck of the storied vessel they seek to seduce East by West seafarers and waterfront wanderers alike with their effervescent escapades. A hand-picked run of local musicians and theatrical performers will adorn the upper decks, serenading every ferry sailing from Thursday - Sunday in February with engaging, enchanting, and subsuming siren showings.

4/02/2021 Simon vdZ
5/02/2021 Jack Fish
6/02/2021 Nikau Te Huki / Gigi Genie
7/02/2021 Serebii & Kajja /Rameka Tamaki
11/02/2021 Devon Webb
12/02/2021 Andre Smith
13/02/2021 YOLK / Alpha Beta Gamma
14/02/2021 Phoebe Johnson / Alpha Beta Gamma
18/02/2021 DEE
19/02/2021 Violet Hirst
20/02/2021 Hello Vera / Wiri Donna
21/02/2021 Umar Zakaria
25/02/2021 Naomi Sioux
26/02/2021 Buda Szerelem-Tolnay
27/02/2021 Adam Ben-Dror
28/02/2021 O & The Mo / Young Gho$t

The Sealion is the unlikely gatekeeper of Queen’s Wharf, Wellington Central. In sight of the Beehive, swarmed by towering steel and glass temples, the gingerly floating timber vessel stands as a beacon - an alternative gathering space focussed on fostering genuine and spiritually rich human interaction. The vessel is host to a self-organising community of musicians, artists, lovers, poets, thinkers, and creators who work together to transform the dilapidated shell of an ex-military-industrial tool into a space of resonant magic. 

Unique experiences are shared between friends and strangers alike. The boat is run as a not-for-profit community space, where the exchange of money is not a prerequisite to being welcome.

The Sealion Community puts on regular indoor and outdoor music concerts, film screenings, sauna sessions, Jam nights, open workshop days and skill share gatherings to name a few events that occur onboard. The mission is to proliferate creative human abundance throughout the corporate hallways of the capital city, one lunch-break wanderer at a time!

Mouthfull aim to inspire and enliven people around us, encouraging authentic connections, conscious consumption and mindful engagements in all that we do. We strive to invigorate the Aotearoa creative community by supporting local artists, curating experiences, generating meaningful discourse and re enchanting day-to-day life with events and activations of space. 

Mouthfull is a supportive, inspiring, interconnected network of like-minded people who believe in the power of creativity. In this extremely technology dependant society, we are constantly being bombarded by a myriad of different stimuli and signals competing for our attention - our senses are full. Ultimately, Mouthfull aims to cut through this noise, being as fulfilling and meaningful to the people who we connect with.