Station to Station


Fri 26 Feb, Sat 27 Feb




Wellington Railways Stations

District of Freedom#8573311~!#, Bunny Street, Pipitea, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, casual

As you travel the Wellington trains on the 26th and 27th of February, lift your eyes and let your gaze search the platforms as you pass, for a glimpse of pop up vignettes telling tales of transitory greetings and goodbyes.
Through the medium of dance, ‘Station to Station’ delves into the many experiences of the station's platform, exploring themes of long and short journeys, meetings and partings, missed trains and lost connections.
Using handkerchiefs, banners and suitcases, WIDance draws on the stories and experiences of each performer to present fleeting snapshots, and moving imagery as trains and travellers pass by.
WIDance (Wellingtons leading community inclusive dance organisation) celebrates the artistic potential of each of our performers and aims to challenge public perception around dance and disability through performance.

Friday 26 Feb: Kapiti Line
Saturday 27 Feb: Wellington Railway Station

Touch tour and audio description bookings available

WIDance is a collective organization which runs community dance classes and  performance events  in the Wellington region for people of all ages, abilities and disabilities.
Our classes provide a safe, inclusive environment in which each participant is enabled and encouraged to work at their own pace, and develop skills in contemporary dance technique, improvisation and composition. 

WIDance has worked towards establishing a base for integrated dance in Wellington over the past 10 years, beginning with workshops with our umbrella organization Touch Compass, one of New Zealand’s leading inclusive  dance companies, which then lead to regular community classes being established in July 2010. 

During this time WIDance have been involved in many public performance events including two of our own dance shows  “Öutspoken”in 2015 and “The Art of Observation’ in 2020.

Through our public performance events WIDance aims to challenge  society’s perceptions about who can dance and what dance is, and work towards creating an inclusive society. 

Photo credits: Jenny McDonald