Subtle Dancing

BalletCollective Aotearoa

Sat 13 Feb, Thu 25 Feb, Fri 26 Feb

Various, See below


Civic Square

Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, casual, non-verbal

Subtle Dancing is an open rehearsal in Wellington's Civic Square showcasing some of Wellington's leading Ballet practitioners and is in preparation for the BalletCollective season titled Subtle Dances. 

Subtle Dances is a season of new choreographic work created by some of New Zealand’s most exciting ballet choreographers — London-based Cameron McMillan, Loughlan Prior and Sarah Knox. These works are created to music composed by John Psathas’s work Helix, Claire Cowan’s Subtle Dances and music by Rhian Sheehan and performed by dancers of the newly formed BalletCollective Aotearoa.
Our gorgeous dancers are a lovely mix of long-time professional dancers and emerging young talent. They include Abigail Boyle, William Fitzgerald and Medhi Angot (all formerly RNZB) working alongside 6 recent graduates from the New Zealand School of Dance.

13 Feb - 12:30pm
25 Feb - 3pm
26 Feb - 12:30pm

BalletCollective Aotearoa is a newly formed project-based dance company and is thrilled to showcase this new choreography by securing some of New Zealand’s leading dancers including Abigail Boyle, William Fitzgerald and Medhi Angot, alongside exciting young and emerging New Zealand trained talent. Harnessing the energy and vivacity of ballet dancers here in Aotearoa, the works show our unique creativity, shaped by the country’s isolation and rugged landscape. These three ballets aim to express our openness to new and immersive ideas through our many cultural influences and the innate curiosity of all New Zealanders
The BalletCollective Aotearoa is a diverse group of individuals, passionate about dance in New Zealand. The Collective provides a platform for kiwis to create and express themselves through movement based in the ballet genre.

Garry Trinder - NZSD, LOD Studios, Te Whaea Services, Photos by Celia Walmsley @ Stagebox Photography


CNZ, the many donors who pledged to our Boosted Campaign - Arts Foundation