Presented by Movement Of The Human (MOTH)

Fri 19 Feb, Sat 20 Feb




Pukeahu National War Memorial Park

State Highway 1, Te Aro, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, casual, non-verbal

Tōrua is a new series of movement performances produced by Movement of the Human. We bring together 7 incredible movement artists from across Aotearoa who have created a beautiful new dance work that will be positioned into different environments and spaces throughout Wellington City.

Tōrua means different things depending on the context. The meanings we are inspired by are - A shift in energy to create a vibration of 2 things. And - to change direction like the wind or a current.

We are re-thinking the theatre - we are placing these pieces of dance against new sites of theatrical opportunity - bringing new meaning to spaces, places and architectural sites within the urban environment..

The Levels change and so we change what and where we dance.

Dancers from Tōrua invite you to a showing of some of the material created in the past 2 weeks during a workshop with Movement of the Human that explores simple movement constructs in outdoor space.

Contemporary solos, duets, and trios within the city landscape… We have chosen the Pukeahu National Memorial park as one of the spaces to share some material with you in a very relaxed and informal way, an outdoor space where you can choose your proximity to the performers and to other people.

Friday 19 Feb and Saturday 20 Feb at 8pm at Pukeahu park - Meet by the Brussels Wreath Sculpture. (Tory Street Side) it will last about 30-40 minutes.

The work will travel so please wear appropriate outdoor attire and footwear, bring warm clothes for the evening. Feel free to photograph and film.

At Level 2 please social distance, wear a mask if you can, and scan our QR code.

Xin Ji, Levi Siaosi, Brydie Coquhoun, Gabriella Merci, Kia Jewel, and Laifa Ta'ala look forward to seeing you there.

MOTH is a company that brings together artists from all sorts of backgrounds, including dance, theatre, design, video and music. We're interested in connecting with artists and communities, and offering different perspectives on contemporary life. We've staged works as diverse as Hurihrui - an outdoor spectacle for the Commonwealth Games Arts Festival in Australia in 2018, to Meremere an intimate dance theatre work right through to directing and choreographing the World of Wearable Art Awards Show, a huge indoor arena event. What drives us is how movement, combined with music and light can tell us and make us feel so much more than words alone. Creating and being immersed in theatrical and imaginative worlds with movement is a huge adventure. We discover new things. We are inspired by other perspectives through this which we discover new understandings and ideas and possibilities of worlds beyond our own. Being creative with other artists is what drives us and the kaupapa of Movement of the Human. We collaborate. Through the process of collaboration we are able to create something more, something bigger and something more meaningful than could be created by the individual.


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