The Most Pleasurable Cable Car Ride You've Ever Had


Wed 10 Feb, Thu 11 Feb, Fri 12 Feb, Sun 14 Feb

Various, see below



Cable car

280 Lambton Quay, Wellington Central, Wellington 6011, New Zealand


wheelchair accessible, sensory, non-verbal, casual

The Sensonauts take over the Cable Car to create the most pleasurable ride you’ve ever had. Experiences ranging from lush tunes to delicious morsels, with perhaps an occasional dance party...You probably won’t want to get off!

How much pleasure can we allow ourselves to experience in life? The Sensonauts love to help people to explore their senses, be present in their body and feel joy. Let’s turn the cable car from what is a more functional journey for some, into an unexpected pleasure dip. Let yourself sink into the adventure. Notice what you hear and see, how you feel, and where you experience it in your body.

10 Feb, 5:30pm
11 Feb, 5:30pm
12 Feb, 6pm
14 Feb, 5pm

Original Sensonaut Katie Martin founded The Sensonauts in May 2019. She weaves together music, sensory experiences and connection. She is inspired by sensual, physical explorations,, the incredible energy of music, and the need to go deeper in life.

She draws on her experience of sensonauting, dance, yoga, meditation, DJing and more. She has a background in the not for profit sector (including the arts), managing projects, events, teams and budgets, and a Masters in Culture, Policy and Management.

She collaborates with all kinds of amazing creatives to develop unusual ideas and turn them into reality: from musicians and theatremakers, to circus performers, chefs, perfumiers and more.

Katie is also a DJ, typically channelling hefty basslines, transcendent melodies and irresistibly dancey beats.